Why Organic Baby Clothes?

Do you ever yearn for the days when everyone was growing their own food, fetching water from the river to do laundry, sewing or knitting their own clothes? You probably don't and you are not alone.

You love everything technology brings to you and can't live without your cell phone, best tactical flashlight review or computer yet - you still want the purest possible environment for your baby.

With 100% organic textiles available to you, now you can enjoy the benefits of the industrialized world while still ensuring your baby's delicate skin is touching only the softest, most natural fabrics made from cotton that is grown using sustainable farming practices. Dress your little ones in trendy apparel while knowing that this fashionable moment is a result of utmost respect towards the environment.

The entire process of creating our green baby clothes is certified for organic production, from harvesting the cotton to weaving the fabric and sewing the pieces together. Not only the fabric, but also our threads, buttons, snaps and dyes are selected with your baby's health and comfort in mind.

When you purchase your baby clothes from First Step Organic, you can be assured that no harmful chemicals were used, no toxins created, not one piece of nature was harmed.

Make your baby's First Step a memorable one for them and a sustainable one for the environment.
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Welcome to First Step Organic
Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality certified 100% organic cotton non-toxic apparel for your baby. Our hip and stylish organic baby basics collection includes short- and long-sleeve tees, snap-bottom bodysuits (aka onesies), wrap-around bodysuits and pants.  All the pieces you need to raise a green baby.

Not all "organic cotton" is 100% organic. For your baby's wellbeing look for organic cotton products that are non-toxic and certified as 100% organic cotton.
Did you know?

> conventional cotton uses the highest amount of pesticides and insecticides in farming

> a baby's skin can absorb toxins in fabrics like a sponge

> chemicals used in growing conventional cotton are polluting the waterways
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> organic farming supports soil fertility through crop rotation and other friendly practices

> for cotton to be certified as "organic", it needs to be grown without the prohibited chemicals for a period of three years

> our baby clothes are all made from certified 100% organic cotton

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